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Corinda is a multi-talented recording artist, writer, and community leader with an impressive background in her music and publishing endeavors.  With two spellings of her last name, she explains that Carford is the Americanized version, and Carfora is her Italian heritage.  She approaches life and her work with passion. Her philosophy is to treat each day as a new canvas to create your best life, follow your dreams; and laughter is mandatory. 



Corinda Carfora

A graduate of the University of Miami in Music.  Creative Arts.

The Alliance Singers

The aftermath of 9/11 bought people and communities together.  We lifted our voices, raised our spirits, and assisted our neighbors during this tragic time. 

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A graduate of The University of Miami, Corinda studied music and creative writing then headed to New York where she appeared in several off-Broadway productions, and sang backup vocals for various recording artists.

As in the case of many aspiring artists, in order to pay the rent she worked as a temp and eventually took a full time job with DC Comics. 

Several years later she moved on to Simon & Schuster, and then to Penguin, where she worked her way up the corporate ladder to Vice-President.

Knowing the 9 to 5 and office politics were not in her DNA she ventured off to start her own consulting business for book publishers and authors while pursuing her music. 

Some of the highlights include singing The National Anthem at Giant Stadium for the World Cup--including the Italian National Anthem-Fratelli D'italia to welcome our international guests, and a special performance at The Bitter End in New York City with "The Original Deliverance Band." 

Her first solo album, Mr. Sandman, included "The Pantyhose Song" written with college pal, actress and singer-songwriter, Gail Edwards.  The song was featured in Allure Magazine, and Listen to Your Heart by Fern Michaels, and made several International Playlists.  Her work with The Alliance Singers includes an international hit single, Wayfaring Stranger where she is the lead vocalist. 

Over the years she developed a strong clientele in the book world while working on a number of music projects  including the remarkable journey with The Alliance Singers, whose work for the good of the community brought great experiences and rewards with icons such as Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Stewart from The Daily Show. 

An avid animal lover, Corinda works closely with Animal Care Sanctuary- the largest no-kill shelter in the country. 


Music accomplishments include performing over 20 concerts with "The Boss" and backup vocals on 4 albums including The Rising and Wrecking Ball;  4 appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as part of the "Official Unofficial Gospel Choir."

The Alliance Singers



 Five People brought together by extraordinary circumstances have had extraordinary experiences since they first met.  


After the devastating attack at the World Trade Center, local residents gathered together to find a way to cope with this tragedy and formed The Alliance of Neighbors of Monmouth County. Through the efforts of the Alliance a fund raising “Weekend of Remembrance” was planned including two nights of star-studded concerts and a street fair.

Corinda Carfora, co-producer of the concert and one of the founders of The Alliance of Neighbors, was called upon to utilize her varied skills and experience; and when Gary Tallent said:  “we also need backup singers and I know you can sing...” Carfora did a last minute sweep of local singers where she pleaded with musician Jesse Moorer to “gather some voices and be at my house tomorrow night at 7:00.”  This was to be the first meeting of many.


As promised, the singers appeared and raised their voices in harmony for the various performers of the concert and became what is now known as The Alliance Singers.  The concerts raised over a million dollars which was set up in a trust fund for the children of the local families, now managed by the families themselves.  


Weeks after the successful concert madness, the singers were asked to appear with Springsteen for a week of holiday concerts at Asbury Park Convention Hall featuring many of Bruce's music buddies, including Elvis Costello, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Hornsby and Sam Moore to name a few.

Months later, on a snowy Sunday afternoon, Corind was called again to "wok on some new rough material" which would eventually become the Grammy Award winning The Rising.  Additional concerts with Bruce followed including a live acoustic performance of My City of Ruins on The Today Show. 


Other appearances include a show for  the entire cast of the HBO award winning series, The Wire,  The Red Bank Jazz Orchestra broadcast live on NPR, the Gala Opening of The Garden State Film Festival, and The Stone Pony.


Admittedly—and in spite of—a lack of talent agent representation, these five people never know what will be next  including four appearances on the Emmy Award winning The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, who graciously declared: "no nicer, more talented people will you ever meet!" One of their segments was voted by the fans as “Most Memorable SmackDown” and was featured in a special broadcast of The Best of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a week before his departure from the iconic show. 

Members of the group include:  Corinda Carfora, Jesse Moorer, Antionete Moore Savage, Michelle Moore, and Antonio Lawrence. 

Their first single release Wayfaring Stranger--a spiritual from the early 1800's--has a unique Jazz-Gospel spin making it hip, smooth, and very cool.  The song made the Top 100 International Gospel Train Radio list and the Top 75 International Country Music Association Radio Play.  Wayfaring Stranger is available at and other sites where music is sold.           


"No nicer, more talented people

will you ever meet!"

-Jon Stewart

"The Alliance Singers!  We love 'em!"

-Bruce Springsteen




Over 25 years of publishing experience, Wildcat Marketing LLC provides marketing strategies to publishers and authors, creating proposals, and campaigns.  Other services are also available including: writing, editing, general consulting for book publishing. 

Current Clients

  • #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Fern Michaels
  • New York Times Best Selling Author & Psychic Medium, John Edward
  • Award Winning Science Fiction and Fantasy Publisher Baen Books
  • Benjamin Gamble, Author of Dragons Suck

Other Projects & Previous Clients

  • Featured Story in Chicken Soup for the Soul:  The Spirit of America 
  • Flat Food/Flat Stomach - Co-Written with Paul Shavelson
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Book Launch
  • Love Karma by Best Selling Author & Psychic Medium Char Margolis,
  • Wendy Williamson, Author of I'm Not Crazy, Just Bipolar
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"She knows her stuff!"

-Fern Michaels


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